About us

We are a medium size, family-run company located in Lodz Voivodeship (centre of Polish textile industry since the beginning of the 19th century).

Our offer includes services of dyeing, bleaching, washing, refining, and finishing of woven and knitted fabrics. Recently we have introduced a new and innovative service – digital textile printing.

Our mission is to become a partner for our clients (who renders various processing and finishing services for different kind of textile products); and first of all a partner that will be the first choice of domestic and foreign producers of clothing and technical products.

To achieve our goals, we have decided to concentrate on following values:


Our primary goal is to provide our customers with the best quality products and results. To accomplish that, we use up-to-date technological solutions and we meet high standards, what is affirmedby numerous certificates, among them: ‘EU Flower’ (EU eco-labelling scheme), Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Management Systems and ISO 18001:2004 – HSE Management System.


Eagerly we take advantage ofthe latest technological products, solutions, and achievements. Ever since the beginning, we have been investing in machine park – buyingthe best machines for the textile wet processing and textile finishing that are available on the market. We also use only the best semi-finished products that’s why we choose our suppliers from the most famous brands of world chemical industry.


People are our priority and for that reason – apart from investing in equipment and semi-finished products – we invest our resources in people (hire specialists; support them in their development and growth; creating them opportunities to learn and to perfect their skills).
Currently, we are hiringthe best technologists in Poland – their knowledge, experience, high qualifications and years of practice can guarantee that the products entrusted us by our clients are in the most competent and reliable hands.


We react and respond to needs, changes and new challenges of textile sector (that throughout the years had become very dynamic and competitive). For that reason we offer our customers highly flexible services and assure short order delivery dates. We are capable of introducing changes to chosen colour, pattern or a structure of woven and knitted fabrics just few days before scheduled dyeing and finishing.


We always put our customers first and so the best and trouble-free cooperation with them is our priority. We always do our best to come up with individual, tailor-made offer (regarding the needs and the characteristics of an individual customer).


We have a team of designers responsible for creating our own, unique patterns but we also print digitally our client’s designs. We are always willing to help with developing, preparing or just refining our customer’s patterns – all that to achieve the best possible and satisfactory final effect.