For those who don’t have their own patterns or for those who are looking for inspiration, we can make available (in our seat in Konstantynow Lodzki) a catalogue of few thousand already made patterns created by international creators, and also a catalogue with patterns made by our own young and talented designers.

For further printing process it is crucial for the submitted file to meet the criteria presented below – it will help to significantly reduce the time of service and will allow to recreate the desired pattern with greater precision.
We perform printing service on fabric entrusted to us by our clients. Minimum quantity we need to receive is one 20-kg roll.


size of production input
fabric composition
format of the pattern file
pattern number (if it’s a pattern chosen from one of our own catalogues)
rapport size (understood as size of the printed area)
fabric width and weight (grammage)


prefered file format types:

CAUTION: In case of CDR files, we would like to ask You to convert fonts to curves and to flatten the bitmap files. JPG format applies for photos only.


personally – on CD or DVD
sending it to our e-mail account: (only for files smaller than 10 MB)
to our FTP server (to which You can have the access by writing to as at:


The chart below presents a dependence between megapixels, resolution and the size of the potential raport (total printed area). When placing an order, it is important to remember that the file size should be adequate to the raport size (the size of the printed area).

2.5 MPx 1920 x 1280 16 x 11cm
3.5 MPx 2288 x 1520 19 x 13 cm
5.6 MPx 2896 x 1936 25 x 16 cm
6.1 MPx 3024 x 2016 33 x 22 cm
10 MPx 3872 x 2592 34 x 22 cm
12 MPx 4240 x 2843 36 x 24 cm
14 MPx 4592 x 3056 39 x 25 cm
16 MPx 4912 x 3264 42 x 28 cm
24 MPx 6048 x 4032 51 x 34 cm

wszystkie wymiary raportów wydruków są podane w zaokrągleniu
* – 300 dpi to standardowy wydruk wysokiej jakości (np. wszystkie czasopisma są drukowane przy 300 dpi)
** – nasze wydruki możemy wykonać do 1200 dpi jednak trzeba w tym wypadku dostarczyć proporcjonalnie większy plik


We guarantee that all data and information from and about our clients will be processed only for the production purposes, and will not be transferred or disclosed to any third party (with the exceptions mentioned below)
Client data may be disclosed to a third party only for the purpose of:

Accurate settlement of accounts
Delivering the finished printed product by the courier company or by other means of transportation to the client
Claiming overdue receivables


The person ordering the printing should:

be aware of and accept the total payable amount for the service – the price offer is determined on an individual basis, according to customers’ needs and expectations (for more details, please write to us at
hold copyrights for the ordered project (for both - the entire project and its every component)
make sure that the delivered files are virus free
make sure that the delivered files meet all the textile digital print requirements mentioned above
get acquainted with digital print possibilities, opportunities and limitations
Required designs are being printed from a digital file (in the final form delivered to us by the Client). File validation if free of charge. File validation should be understood as:
• Validating file format
• Validating colour qualities
Z. W. Biliński does not provide the assessment of files substantive and linguistic correctness.
We can make corrections to customer’s pattern, as well as create a completely new pattern for the client after prior request. Such service is available at additional charge.
Customer is held fully responsible for any legal defects arising from the content and/or form of projects and patterns provided for printing to Z. W. Biliński, and also for any infringement of copyright and third party’s rights.


For the one-time commission for over 200 PLN netto, payment may be made by bank transfer or in cash at Z. W. Biliński’s cash desk. Customer may collect his order after making the payment. Companies with permanent and long-term relation with Z. W. Biliński and that are not behind with payments, can make payments by bank transfer (without any restrictions) and can individually negotiate term of payment.