Digital printing

Digital textile printingis a technology that – when compared with traditional techniques of textile printing – allows to precisely and accurately transferindividual designs (regardless of their colour scale) onto woven and knitted fabrics. It also enables printingsmall orders (starting from 20 kilograms) in short production cycles. This unique technique guarantees high flexibility and maximum productivity.
Among other benefits of digital textile printing are also: the possibility of transferring texts, various graphic projects or even photographs on any chosen textile product, and also mapping impeccable colour transition. It’s also worth noticing that the technology of digital textile printing has been known and available on Polish market only recently and that we areone of the first companies in the country providing this service.


Printing directly from a digital file is freedom thanks to which You don’t have to limit Yourself to only one pattern
Cost efficiency from approximately 100 m2 to 4.000 m2 (with aguarantee of top quality)
Easy and simple methods of preparing materials for print - don’t waste time and money for preparing templates
Inexpensive way of printing small production batches
Short production cycles – fast execution and affordable prices
Printing starts from 1 roll(with even few designs on it)
No colour or rapport (repetition pattern) limitations!
Printing on cotton, viscose, wool and silk
Refiningfabric according to client’s wish (for further information check our supplementary offer)
Unique softness of Your textile product – the cost of the silk softener is included in the price


We have at our disposal one of the most innovative digital textile printers – Reggiani’s ReNOIR. It has come to life as a merger of tradition and innovation and turned out to be a great and successful combination.

This high-tech textile printer is able to transfer graphic designs onto any kind of flat fabric (of maximum width of 2,4 m). Reggiani’s ReNOIR always guarantees high performance and the best quality. It uses Huntsman’s inks – inks that assure high colour saturation and high water resistance.


This software allows multicolour calibration through ICC RGB profiles. Thanks to this feature transferring colours from designs to textile products and creating individual colour profile for particular type of fabrics has never been easier and more precise. Neostampa assures getting best colour-matching results – all thanks to spectrophotometer that can read a colour from the design and to obtain the exact matching of the measures colour on the knitted and woven fabrics. It also permits controlling ink levels in printing and modifying specific colours from the design and even modifying each printhead’s colour value. It is worth mentioning that we are one of the first companies in Poland that owns this unique software.

Adobe® InDesign® CS6

Thisprofessional and versatile software allows you to create complex designs combined of astonishing digital imagery, marvellous typography, and brilliant vector graphics. Built-in innovative tools and intuitive design environment result in faster and more efficient work. It also allows obtaining an impeccable accuracy when transferring and adjusting a design onto knitted and woven fabrics.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6

This expert and certified software includes many creative features and professional tools useful and helpful in creating graphic designs and editing photographs. Regardless of experience and the final purpose of a project, this software proves to be a valuable asset of every artist and pattern designer. It allows to express one’s creativity and to turn artistic vision into reality (with additional advantage of no size restriction of the design and endless possibilities).

Program Corel® Painter™ 12

This digital art software has been designed by artists who tried to createa programme that offers digital painting experience comparable topainting in real life - all thanks to many new features and accessories. Furthermore, Corel® Painter™ 12 compliments and cooperates with other artistic software and so it enables refining and finishing projects commencedin other artistic programmes.


We print (one- and two-sidedly) onflat textile products (not wider than 2,4 m/94.488inches/7.8740ft. ), including:
All knitwear products made of cellulose, wool or silk fibres and the weight between 70 g/m2 and 300 g/m2
Woven and technical fabrics made of cellulose, wool or silk and the weight from 50 g/m2 to over 600 g/m2
From June 2013 we will be also printing on fabrics woven or knitted from polyester thread or yarn


We print digitally on woven and knitted fabrics mainly for clothing producers but our service is becoming also popular among the producers of beddings, curtains, mattresses, tablecloths, commercial materials andstage and film designs.


We can ensure high print resistance and meet the requirements regarding the weight, width and shrinkage of entrusted woven or knitted fabrics – all thanks to treatments we use (including pre-heating setting, bleaching, steaming, washing and post-heating treatment). Alsothanks toapplication of silicone softeners we can make the printed fabrics much softer than the ones printed using traditional methods.
We also encourage You to make familiar with our complementary offer including procedures that will help Your fabrics gain desirable performance and personalized look.