We are a printing company that, as one of the first in the region, offers digital printing on natural raw materials. Biliński TextilePrint is a sub-brand of Biliński Factory of Colour – a Textile Mill located in the Łódź Voivodeship, specializing in dyeing, washing, bleaching and finishing textile products. Thanks to this, the entire production process related to the preparation of the fabric for printing, digital printing itself and finishing takes place in one location and is supervised by our printing specialists and technologists. The possibility of applying additional embellishments is an additional advantage. More information can be found in the additional services tab.


The quality of our services is confirmed by world-leading textile safety certificates such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Confidence in Textile and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Products awarded with these certificates are free from harmful substances that could have an adverse effect on human health. The certificates also meet strict environmental criteria.


We make every effort to ensure that the deadlines for our clients’ orders are as short as possible and tailored to their individual needs. We also follow trends in the fashion industry and keep track of all technological advancements in digital printing to offer our clients solutions that will make their collections and products more attractive.


We invest in state-of-the-art digital printing equipment and continuously expand our machine park. We utilize the latest technological solutions available on the market and test alternative and innovative solutions. This applies to both textile processing and the introduction of eco-friendly systems in production processes.


In addition to investing in equipment and raw materials, we focus on cooperation with specialists. We employ some of the best technologists in the country – their knowledge, experience and high qualifications are a guarantee that our client’s products are in the hands of skilled professionals.


Our clients are of utmost importance to us, and close cooperation with them is our priority. Therefore, we always strive to offer individual solutions tailored to the needs of each of our contractors.


Our design team creates new, original print designs available in our pattern database. We also print ready-made designs provided by our clients. Based on guidelines, submitted materials or inspirations, we can also prepare customized graphics at the client’s request. We also assist in refining client projects to achieve the best end result.