At our company headquarters, you can explore a design database created by our designers. We also collaborate with artists who create premium designs so that we can offer you a wider selection of unique patterns. If you wish to print your own graphics, we encourage you to read the tips below. Preparing files in accordance with the instructions will allow for faster and more efficient collaboration. However, if you have any additional questions, we are happy to assist.



production batch size

fabric composition percentage

design file format

design serial number (assigned by designers)

seamless pattern size

fabric width and weight


We do not accept files on external storage devices

Smaller files for printing can be sent to us by e-mail (up to 10 mb)

Larger files should be transferred to us by WeTransfer using the email address:


When designing a file for printing, remember that it should be at a 1:1 scale. 300 dpi is the standard resolution for high-quality prints. To check if the print scale meets your expectations, measure the size of a single detail in cm.

megapixele roździelczość wielkość raportu
2.5 MPx 1920 x 1280 16 x 11cm
3.5 MPx 2288 x 1520 19 x 13 cm
5.6 MPx 2896 x 1936 25 x 16 cm
6.1 MPx 3024 x 2016 33 x 22 cm
10 MPx 3872 x 2592 34 x 22 cm
12 MPx 4240 x 2843 36 x 24 cm
14 MPx 4592 x 3056 39 x 25 cm
16 MPx 4912 x 3264 42 x 28 cm
24 MPx 6048 x 4032 51 x 34 cm

*All seamless pattern dimensions are rounded. We can print up to 1200 dpi, but in this case, you need to provide a proportionately larger file.


We guarantee that your data will only be processed for their intended purpose and will not be shared with third parties, except for a few exceptions.

These exceptions include:

proper order settlement

delivery of the order via a courier company or other means of transport

enforcement of overdue payments


When placing a printing order, it is important to:

Know and accept the order amount – pricing is determined individually based on the needs and expectations of our clients – you will get more information by contacting the Digital Printing Department (
Have the copyright to print designs (as a whole as well as individual components).

Ensure that the provided files are virus free and prepared in accordance with the guidelines.
Submit "flattened" files without additional layers.
Familiarize yourself with the capabilities and specifications of digital printing and the guidelines for preparing projects for printing. Designs in electronic file format are printed exactly as they are on delivery.
Check the file for possible language and substantive errors. The printing house is not responsible for errors on the part of the client, e.g.: incorrect arrangement of elements in relation to the printing direction.
First of all, we check the correctness of the project format, resolution, colour profile, and correct replication of the module (report).
Important! Making corrections or creating custom-designs is possible after submitting a request form for this service and may incur additional charges.
Important! You are fully responsible for legal defects resulting from the content and form of the submitted designs and commissioned projects. This also applies to any violation of copyrights and other rights of third parties.


For one-off orders, it is possible to make a payment by bank transfer or at the company's cash register. However, the order amount must exceed PLN 200 net. In this situation, the goods will be released at the time of payment. Companies that have established permanent cooperation with us and do not have any outstanding payments may negotiate payment terms and methods.