We print on cotton, wool, linen, viscose, bamboo, natural silk and viscose.

We only provide digital printing services. We do not offer knitted fabrics and fabrics for printing, but we can recommend several proven manufacturers. We can also send fabric or knitted samples with our designs for print quality assessment.

The fabric or knitted fabric for printing should be raw. PFP (Prepared for Printing) media are also available on the market, i.e., prepared for printing. In the case of such media, we choose those that are not finished in any way, e.g. softened.

We are able to print on fabrics from 70 g/m2 to 400 g/m2.

We do not print on cut-outs and finished elements. More details on this can be found here:

We can print on rolls up to 230 cm in width.

We do not make such prints. However, it is possible to print rectangular panels filled with a pattern used to, for example, make blouse cut-outs. It is important to ensure that your files are prepared with appropriate size allowances, especially for the length of such a rectangle, as the fabric shrinks during finishing processes. If you have doubts about preparing print files, it’s advisable to contact our designers.

No, the fabric/knit can only be printed on one side.

Yes, if the knitted fabric is raw and is in a light grey colour (on dark melange the pattern may not be visible).

Yes, but only if it is very light. Prints on darker or vivid colours may not be visible. It important to note that print on coloured fabric will have different colours than the same pattern printed on a white surface.

We do not provide such services. We deal with dyeing, printing, bleaching, washing, refining and finishing of fabrics and knitwear.

Guidance on how to prepare the file can be found here

Files for printing should be sent to your graphic assistant, who is assigned by a Digital Printing Specialist.

Yes, our designers are constantly updating the database with new designs. You can access the catalogue on this page.

Yes, we provide such a service, and it incurs an additional charge.

Yes, we offer such a service, and it incurs an additional charge.

Yes, the colours may differ from those seen on your monitor. This depends, for example, on the calibration of the monitor or lighting. Therefore, we recommend our clients to make a sample print in order to be able to assess the quality directly on the knitted fabric/fabric.

The client has the opportunity to order our colour palette. However, it should be remembered that the printing of the colour palette should be ordered on the same fabric that will be used for the actual production. The same colours printed on different fabrics may vary. It is advisable to place an order for the preparation of the fabric in advance, especially if the production order is large and the colours and patterns are to be fine-tuned in advance.

We do not work with the Pantone Colour System. The colours visible on our colour palette are composed of RGB values and do not correspond to specific Pantone shades.

We do not print with gold and silver ink. This is not possible due to our printing technology.

This is not possible due to our printing technology.

This means that the printable file is prepared in such a way that the graphic theme is duplicated without any cuts, lines and missing elements throughout the length and width of the roll.

No, we also print other types of designs. However, we do not print on pre-cut patterns. In the case of non-standard layout of elements, we recommend contacting our designers to consult the file parameters.

We use digital printing technology. It involves transferring a digital image, prepared using graphic software directly onto the fabric using specialized printers. .It does not require the creation of templates and the dye is applied to the surface by printing heads.

Production prices (i.e. when ordering 1 design on a minimum of 1 roll weighing approx. 20 kg) are calculated individually on the basis of ink consumption and fabric parameters: composition, weight and width. To get a quote, simply send us production files and information about the parameters of the fabric on which the designs are to be printed.

The minimum production order is 1 roll with a weight of approx. 20 kg This is the minimum amount we can prepare for printing. On the roll, we can execute either a production or sample order (test).

A sample order allows you to create sample prints of patterns/designs intended for production. It allows you to visually assess the colour palette of the design, the quality of the print and introduce necessary adjustments to the pattern/design.

Yes, it is possible. You can use the deliver roll for sample orders. If a part of the roll is intended for production, it is necessary to leave a minimum of 15 kg of knitted/fabric. However, please noted that the roll should be used within 3 months. Over time, the quality of the applied finish deteriorates. After 3 months, issues with colour consistency or print quality may arise.

Yes, you can print multiple designs on one roll. However, such an order is treated as a sample print.

If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible. If the production process has not yet started – we will suspend the order.

You can enquire about the current status of your order by contacting the Digital Printing Department.

Rolls intended for printing should be delivered in person or by courier. Fabric manufacturers recommended by us deliver the ordered rolls directly to our warehouse.

The delivered roll must be signed with the name of the company under which it is registered. In addition, information about the type of fabric and the quantity of delivered goods should be attached.

Ready rolls can be picked up after making the payment and sending confirmation to the Dispatch Warehouse.

We do not offer delivery of completed orders. Please contact the Dispatch Warehouse for order pickup or to arrange a courier/transport.

Payments can be made in cash at the company’s cash desk for amounts up to PLN 15,000 or by bank transfer. Transfer details can be found on the invoice, which is sent to the client by e-mail or post.

Cash payments can only be made in PLN. We accept bank transfers both in PLN and EUR.

Yes, it is possible to issue an e-invoice. In order to receive an e-invoice, you must give consent to receive invoices in electronic form. The document can be completed in person at the cash desk or a scan of the document can be sent by e-mail.

No, in order to start collaboration with us, you need to have a registered business activity.